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The game is perfect example of classic horror! Everything is perfect - sounds, BGmusic, colors, text, overall atmosphere is geniunly scary, i love it!
P.S. I always get ending №3 what should i do?

Where do you go after you go in the hole behind the crate??????? Please please TELL ME PLSS I NEED TO KNOW??? and how do you move the dresser????? :( if you tell me I will play more of your games and let ya know and etc! (basically I'm stuck) :)


Also I heard your setting up a walkthrough file? Um, please let me know when it's finished. And just give me a little hint about where i'm stuck that would be great! :)

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Hi! Sorry for the late response!


If you've gone through the hole in the wall behind the crate in the storage room, you should encounter Lilian, the witch, in a hallway. After talking with her, she should disappear, and you can progress (moving upward through the hall).

You should find yourself in a very small room with drawers and closets, and a dress in the middle. Looking around should uncover a pair of gloves in one of the drawers.

Once you take them, leave the room and the house. Investigate the well covered in moss, and you should now have a new option to rub away the moss while wearing the gloves.

Entering the well will transport you. Have a look around the map; you'll find an area you are able to progress through that was not available to you before. Lilian should appear to talk with you again. She'll tell you to find her, and though the direction is vague, you'll want to head towards the house.

Thanks for playing! I hope this helps!

Please can you make a walkthrough file? For your biggest fan?XDDD

I don’t know where to go! Where do I go after i go in the hole? Please just tell me! Please!!!🥺

Hi! Sorry for the late response!

To clarify, which do you mean the hole in the ground, or the hole in the storage room wall?

what OS does it run on?



Hey there, do you have an email address? Couldn't find any contact info


Hi there! You can reach me at or on my Twitter, @Kill2Birds_


This game is absolutely fantastic! It's so reminiscent of the Witch's house (in how everything can kill you and just the all around tense atmosphere.) Visually it's fantastic and I can see so much creativity and passion has gone into it! My only complaint/request would be to release a walkthrough because I'm stuck :'( but I really want to finish the game and see how it ends because I am in love with it.


Wow, thank you so much! I apologize for such a late response — but I'll be posting a walkthrough file ASAP and I hope you decide to revisit it!


As someone who has been making games with rpg maker for a long time, this is Amazing. 
Creaing this kind of atmosphere and feel is very difficult with this engine. 

The idea to save the game by carving your initial in some Woods is great! 
The tileset are also perfect and well made. 

Didn't finish it yet because I'm stuck but I will try my best, great game!


Thank you so much! I'm sorry for such a late response — but I really appreciate your comment! The tileset is an edited version of the original provided one, so I cannot take much credit beyond altering them, of course.

I'm finally working on putting up a walkthrough file, too!


good game


Real quick, how long is the game? And does it have multiple endings? Thanks.


Hi there! Approximate playtime is about 1 - 1.5  hours if you're the type to interact/read everything and explore. It does have multiple endings!